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Welcome to our online application form. Please note that completion of the following fields is mandatory: name, address, city, state/province, postal code, home phone, e-mail, membership type, and total due.

Cost of membership: $40 USD for single membership, $55 USD for family membership.

In Canada, add $2 USD for magazine postage.

In all other countries, add $10 USD for magazine postage.

All payments are to be made in US dollars, except as noted below.

In the UK and Australia, arrangements can be made to receive payments in British pounds sterling or Australian dollars. If you are located in either of those countries, please use the Contact Us link on the Navigation Menu to request more information. If you have already made payment to a representative, please complete and submit the form below, indicating payment by representative and identifying the representative.

Privacy Policy

We will not sell or disclose personal information or your email address to anyone outside of NSCC; such information will be used only for NSCC business.  We need your email and address to contact you about club business, to allow access to members only sections of our website, and to mail the magazine.

Birthday information is needed to send special birthday wishes.


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Payment Process

When you click the send button below, you will be sent to an acknowledgement page which will show you the information transmitted to NSCC. If you wish, you may use your browser's print function to print a copy of the information transmitted.

Please make note of the total amount due as you will need to enter this amount on the PayPal site.

At the bottom left of the acknowledgement page, there will be a link entitled "Payment Options." Click on this link to take you to the payment page which will allow you to submit your dues electronically via PayPal.