A Chintz Project



The Chintz Project was an effort to identify all the patterns produced by Shelley and Wileman over the almost 100 years they were utilized.  The result is an ebook over 100 pages long that provides the background for the project, a working definition of chintz, a list of all the patterns and a page (sometimes more) for each pattern.  Clicking on any eBook link indicates your agreement to copyright, use, and distribution limitations described therein.


THE CHINTZ eBook for Anyone Who is Interested and Not Yet a Member of NSCC:

Includes the introduction, table of contents,  Chintz definition, list of patterns, information about the details included for each pattern and one pattern as an example.  CLICK HERE  

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The CHINTZ eBook in Full for Members of the National Shelley China Club:

A password is needed to access this eBook. The password may be found in the Winter 2015 or later issue of the NSCC Magazine. CLICK HERE and be ready to enter the password when prompted. If you cannot access the document or need assistance, please contact [email protected].