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NSCC Facebook and Instagram Pages

The National Shelley China Club has released two social media opportunities for members.  First is an official Facebook page where we can share beautiful and elegant photos of our Shelley and Wileman china collections.  In addition, you will be able to read exciting announcements about the club--such as dates and times of NSCC Zoom meetings, how to participate in international Shelley collector clubs, and special benefits of membership in our club.  You can access the official Facebook page at .

The second opportunity comes through Instagram, where photos of Shelley pieces will be on display, as well as short videos.  You will also have access to other Shelley china collectors who appreciate the beauty of Shelley china.  This official Instagram account is available at .

Rocky Chen is the administrator of these Social Media sites.  You are encouraged to send your Shelley china-related photos and short videos to our accounts directly via Facebook or Instagram, and Rocky will post them for you.  

Our Sister Clubs

For all collectors, perhaps the greatest joy of collecting is being able to share your treasures and latest acquisitions with others. As your collection matures, the ability to broaden your knowledge or to seek help in finding that last special piece becomes ever more important.

The National Shelley China Club is joined by two other Shelley and Wileman collector clubs. Each of these three clubs has members worldwide, and we work in close partnership with each other to keep abreast of current topics affecting Shelley collectors. Many members are able to attend meetings and even visit the homes of local collectors in other countries by maintaining membership in one or even all three of the clubs. We urge you to visit the web sites of both of our sister clubs.


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The Australasian Shelley Collectors Club Inc. is the oldest club in the world formed by collectors of Shelley and Wileman China. Their website is


United Kingdom

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The Shelley Group was formed in the United Kingdom; they actively research Shelley and Wileman china using original sources available in England and maintain a large database pertaining to patterns and shapes. Visit their website at


Other Social Media Pages

Club members have created Facebook Pages which provide a great deal of information and enjoyment.

NSCC member Ruth Phinney has established a Facebook page for Shelley collectors:


Canadian members Dan and Shelley Wilson have also created a Facebook page for Shelley at:

and last, but not least, our Australian friends have created a fabulous page at

Shelley Collectors Queensland Group | Facebook