UK Shelley Group Studies & Videos

April Tea SetOne of the principle joys of club membership is seeing and sharing in the contributions from our sister clubs across the world.

Recently, the Shelley Group in the UK has undertaken to create a series of studies of interest to collectors worldwide. This page will feature these studies and be supplemented by others as they become available.

The Shelley Group website is a veritable font of information which is frequently updated. Visiting the site is highly recommended.

Thanks again to the Shelley Group for making these available.


UK Shelley Group Video Presentations

The Shelley Group has a large number of video presentations on their website. Topics are varied and the presentations generally last approximately one hour. Additional presentations are added on a recurring basis.

The presentations may be accessed by clicking on this link: Video presentations playlist (

uk video

UK Shelley Group Studies

To access the full study, click on the image and you'll be taken to the UK Shelley Group site.




The Square Shape

This study of the Wileman Square Shape was done by our own Dick Gapen for presentation in the 2019 Annual Weekend.


Regent Patterns

A collection of members' photographs of this popular design compiled by Bruce Till and reproduced with his kind permission.


Queen Anne Shapes

A collection of members' photographs of this popular design compiled by Bruce Till from original research by Gary Hoare (ASCCI).

queen anne

Slater Ladies

A collection of photographs of this popular pattern provided by members of the Shelley Group and Australasian Collectors Club Inc. - compiled by Bruce Till and reproduced with his kind permission.

slater ladies


Milk Jug Shapes

After the introduction of tea to European traders during the 16th century it was the custom for many years to drink it black. Adding milk was not even considered. One of the earliest references to adding milk was in 1684 when Madame de Sevigne recommended the practice to her daughter in a letter, while Dutch delegates to the Chinese emperor also reported seeing tea consumed with warm milk.

This was based on Olwen Dudgeon’s talk at the 2019 Annual Weekend.


Milk Jugs


Elizabeth Waterhouse Vases

Elizabeth Waterhouse (1834-1918) ran a village workshop where she designed a particular decoraction in brass which formed the basis for a Wileman shape of vase that ended up being made in six sizes (6 inch to 24 inch) and being used in Urbato (five patterns on four sizes) and Intarsio (eight patterns on six sizes). 18 illustrations follow.

This study is provided by Chris Watkins.




The Shapes of Harmony

In the 1930s Shelley produced a range of colourful effects on earthenware and china. The earthenware include wall chargers, ginger jars, toast racks, candlesticks, jugs and many more. This technique involved applying colors in various shades which were applied and then allowed, or helped by spinning, to drip and blend together into a pleasing artistic pattern, each truly unique but similar to the other.

This study is provided by Chris Watkins.




Walter Slater Lustreware

The technique used created a background of gradually changing colour on the piece, then ornamentation in gold and other colours was added, and finally a glaze with an irridescent finish. Slater’s use of this style of decoration was probably most successful on the dark-coloured backgrounds he developed. When such a variety of lustres was first introduced they found a welcoming public.

This study is provided by Chris Watkins.




Shelley Model Birds

This study is also provided by Chris Watkins.