It's All About "U"

April Tea SetOne aspect of collecting Shelley that constantly amazes is that there always seems to be yet another Shelley something-or-other that's never been seen before. Perhaps it's not listed or illustrated in one of the reference books. Sometimes it's found in another's collection; sometimes it's seen at a Shelley Club gathering, an antique fair, an auction, or Ebay.

At other times, we read or hear a story from a friend or club member that truly reminds us of how enjoyable and fascinating it is to collect Shelley, to engage in the hunt for that one special piece, and above all to share our finds with our friends.

Starting with the Winter 2010 issue, the club magazine inaugurated a new column, which will appear in future issues, dedicated to sharing what members have found to be uncommon, unexpected, unforgettable, unknown, unseen or unusual. In other words, to share photos and items in our collections that others may not have seen before and/or to share the memorable experiences in collecting we have had.

This page will share excerpts from those columns with the broader Shelley community so that we might all, once again, be amazed by the uncommon, unexpected, unforgettable, unknown, unseen or unusual.....


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