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Because valuation depends so much on subjective information, The National Shelley China Club cannot and will not give valuations.

Valuations of china are highly dependent upon condition, age, rarity and desirability. In nearly all cases involving china, any damage whatsoever, including color fading, will drastically reduce the value. In the case of two cups and saucers in exactly the same pattern, shape and condition, a change in the color, from blue to black may change the value from $30 to $900.If you want to estimate a value, we suggest you search eBay completed auctions for similar pieces sold in the last 30 days. Pay attention to whether the price is an asking price or the price of a sale. You will also want to read the listing to find the condition of the piece.

Buying or Selling Shelley

If you wish to buy or sell Shelley, we suggest you join our club and place an ad in our full color magazine.  Each of our members is entitled to one free ad per year plus one free ad for each article written for the magazine.  Additional ads are available to members at a nominal price.  Your ad should contain, at a minimum, a picture of the pieces (if available), the shape name and pattern name and number, and your preferred contact information.

The club holds a conference each year which provides three different ways to buy and sell: an orphans sale, a silent auction, and an afternoon sale limited to Shelley, Foley and Wileman.  The fees are minimal to sell and free to buy.

In addition, the club holds regional meetings, usually in California, Florida, Washington, DC and occasionally other locations.  Members usually have buy and sell opportunities as well as the chance to "show and tell." Regional meetings are publicized on the website.

Finally, you may want to consider selling on eBay, at a local auction house, to a china replacement firm, or to a local antique shop.

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Please remember that we do not provide valuations. The information provided above is essentially all we can say in any particular case. Due to limited NSCC resources, valuation requests will not receive a further response.

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