Unified Shelley Periodical Index

April Tea SetResearching one’s collection is an integral part of the joy of collecting Shelley.  Although the internet may be helpful, the most fruitful avenue of research has often been the publications of the individual Shelley clubs.  Until now, there has been no readily available means to search the contents of the various club magazines.  Through the cooperation of the US, UK, and Australasian clubs, and the dedication and hardwork of a couple of their members, we are pleased to make this index available to collector’s worldwide.

This index is in Excel format and will updated periodically.  Users are able to access the database without having a copy of the underlying program; however, the ability to manipulate the data is somewhat limited as explained below. 

Publications are searchable for the clubs individually or for all publications as a whole by clicking on the individual club tab or the All Clubs tab respectively. To view the full screen copy of the database and access the command menu, click on the "Full-Size" button at the lower righthand corner of the database window. Once the database is displayed, select the tab of the club whose publication you wish to search. Click on the "FIND" command at the top of the window and enter your search term. Once the first result is returned, click "FIND" again to display the next result.

Users who own a copy of Excel may take advantage of that program's full functionality by opening the database on their local computer. To do so, click on the full-size button, click the "Edit Workbook" command, and then click "Edit in Excel." Additional instructions on searching with Excel may be found here.

Information on obtaining back issues of the National Shelley China Club Magazine (US) as well as additional research materials may be found on the Store tab. 

Information on purchasing back issues of the UK Shelley Group magazine may be found on the Shelley Shop tab of the UK website or via email at [email protected].  

Information on purchasing back issues of the Australasian club magazine may be found on the ASCCI Magazine tab of their website or via email at [email protected].